Eclipse Across America

August 21, 2017 all-day

For the first time in 99 years America will experience a total solar eclipse from coast to coast.

Join us August 19-21 as we explore the science of solar eclipses and help you prepare to watch the eclipse. Bring your own cardboard box and create a special device to help you safely view the eclipse.  Learn about forced perspective, an optical illusion tricking the brain into thinking large objects (like the sun) appear small, and small objects (like the moon) appear HUGE. In the Planetary Research Station, we will track the pathway of this total solar eclipse, learn how a solar eclipse occurs, and why this coast-to-coast event is so rare – the last one to traverse the continental United States occurred in 1918!

On the morning of August 21, Discovery Cube will open early at 9:00AM for a Solar Eclipse Viewing Party.

Visit the link below to create your own solar eclipse viewing device!